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The Death of a Butterfly explores the mental health court and its relationship with the mentally disordered accused from the perspective of Ontario Court Justice Richard D. Schneider. Learn more.

Muslim women who cover their faces with a veil arouse visceral reactions in people who, despite exposure to diverse ways of living, seem to have fixed notions of how women ought to live the good life. In Your Face analyzes niqab bans in Canada while also drawing on interviews with niqab-wearing women to reveal their complex identities and multiple motivations for dressing in this way. Learn more.

Despite growing societal and media attention to problems of discrimination in Canadian society, legal concepts in equality and anti-discrimination law are not widely understood. The stories in this book take us into — and teach us about — the concrete realities of inequality in everyday life. This book is designed to expand our collective knowledge of the evolving legal concepts at the heart of equality law. Learn more.


Canadian Policing: Why and How It Must Change is a comprehensive and critical examination of Canadian policing from its colonial origins to its response to the February 2022 blockades and occupations. Learn more.

In Fertility: 40 Years of Change, lawyer and author Maureen McTeer explores key medical, research, and legal developments in assisted human reproduction since the birth of the first IVF baby in 1978. Learn more.