The Big Idea

From the Pythagorean theorem to DNAs double helix, from the discovery of microscopic life forms to the theory of relativity the big ideas of science and technology shape an eras worldview. Open this book, grasp the newest ideas from thought leaders of today, then spring off from them to move back through the past, one big idea at a time. Meet the people who gave birth to these ideas and those who fought against them. Meet the MIT electrical engineer currently developing a way to turn on the lights cordlessly, then move back through Nikola Tesla visionary concept of the wireless transfer of energy, Thomas Edisons groundbreaking work in developing a nationwide electrical grid, Ben Franklins experiments to capture electricity, all the way back to ancient Greece, where Thales of Miletus described static electricity as a property of naturally occurring amber.

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Now You See It

A digital innovator shows how we can thrive in the new technological age.
When Cathy Davidson and Duke University gave free iPods to the freshman class in 2003, critics said they were wasting their money. Yet when students in practically every discipline invented academic uses for their music players, suddenly the idea could be seen in a new light as an innovative way to turn learning on its head.

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Admit it. When you hear the word neuroscience, you expect something abstract and remote, very complex, of little practical value. But this time…it is personal. In a highly anticipated, three-part series airing on the National Geographic Channel in Fall 2011, National Geographics Brainworks makes YOU the test subject in an array of astonishing challenges and experiments. Your brain will be stimulated, fooled, and ultimately amazed, as scientists and other experts show you how this three pound blob of gray matter effectively makes you, you.

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Cerebrum 2009 Emerging Ideas in Brain Science

New advances in brain science will directly affect our lives, from the courtroom to the classroom to the living room. Cerebrum has long been the leading magazine for distilling these developments into concise, intelligent prose accessible to a general reader as a result, its articles by scientists and scholars are often cited in prominent publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, and the Washington Post. Assembled here is a new array of articles from Cerebrums Web edition that collects the most cutting edge developments in brain science in one essential volume.

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Chanel Collections and Creations

A lush visual selection from the Chanel archive essential reading for fashionistas and design aficionados everywhere.
Chanels combination of tradition, originality, and style has always made it the most seductive of fashion labels. Here the House of Chanel opens its private archives, revealing a galaxy of brilliant designs created by Coco Chanel from 1920 onwards. Dazzling clothes, intricate accessories, beautiful models, and timeless design leave no doubt as to the lasting fame of her name and embody everything that has come to symbolize the magic of Chanel.

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Parisian Interiors

Bursting with color and dramatic focal points, these exceptional interiors offer exclusive access into the homes of Paris finest art and antiques aficionados. The magic of Paris is distinctly captured in its interiors windows are tall, and rooms have high ceilings with grand architectural details; but the real charm comes in the thoughtfully selected elements that bring those spaces to life. Paris is rife with antique collectors, art historians, architects, and interior designers who dedicate their lives to the contemplation of each element that goes into the ideal interior.

Barbara and Rene Stoeltie invite us inside the private oases of twenty of the citys celebrated interiors gurus, capturing in vivid photographs these havens of perfection, brimming with inspiration for the home. While each interior is distinctly unique

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Short Course in Digital Photography

For introductory, one-semester courses devoted to digital photography.
The London, Upton, Stone series has helped over 1,000,000 photography students capture their potential.

After a very successful first edition, this second edition returns with the most upto date industry knowledge. Modeled after the long-running and widely used A Short Course in Photography, a brief text which presents the medium entirely in its most updated form.

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The Science Book

The Science Book Everything You Need to Know About the World and How It Works encapsulates centuries of scientific thought in one volume. Natural phenomena, revolutionary inventions, scientific facts, and the most uptodate questions are all explained in detailed text that is complemented by visually arresting graphics.
Six major sections ranging from the universe and the planet Earth to biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics are further broken down into subsections that encompass everything from microscopic life to nuclear power.

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Your Camera Loves You Learn to Love It Back

Wait what. You are not thrilled with the photos you are getting from your digital camera. The answer is not a new camera it is learning to use the one you have got. After all, it is not the camera that takes great photos it is the person behind it.

With Your Camera Loves You Learn to Love it Back, photographer and instructor Khara Plicanic teaches the basics of photography and digital camera functions that you can apply to any camera, anywhere, any time answering questions like What do all those different modes mean and when do I use them? What is a megapixel and why should I care?

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