Delve Books supports diversity and equity

Delve Books stands in support of those who, for too long, have had to bear the burden of systemic oppression. Our staff comprises a group of individuals who are angered and frustrated by the unabating violence, injustice, and racism against marginalized communities and we want to make it clear that we support and stand in solidarity with our colleagues, partners, authors, and community members who identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Colour.


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Welcome to Delve Books, a trade imprint from Irwin Law. Here at Delve, we focus on exploring diversity and social justice in Canada through the lens of law and policy while using clear, accessible language. Focusing on laws and legal cases related to topics such as race, Indigeneity, sexuality, gender, and disability, Delve Books invites you to explore how these issues intersect with each other and with Canada’s legal system. 


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